Infinite Archive Free Update

Discover an unending battle and unlock unique rewards in the Infinite Archive, an all-new PvE activity.

Eternal Mystery

Explore the shifting libraries of the Infinite Archive and confront the corruption at its heart with a free update for all existing ESO players—no additional purchase required!

Unlimited Dangers

Team up with a trusted ally or go it solo as you battle through waves of monsters and powerful bosses in randomly generated encounters.

Unending Challenge

Climb the leaderboards and contend with ever-greater challenges as you progress through an eternal arena where no two expeditions are the same.

Infinite Rewards

Earn a host of in-game rewards, including one-of-a-kind collectibles, achievements, and all-new Class Set items, found only in the Infinite Archive!

Explore the Infinite Archive

Venture into an eternal arena solo or with an ally where no two expeditions are the same. Contend with ever-evolving waves of monsters and boss encounters in a battle to save one of Apocrypha’s most mysterious libraries—you're limited only by your preparation, skills, and determination.

New Items & Collectibles

Loot powerful new Class Set items in addition to a host of collectibles, Achievements, and more—all completely unique to the Infinite Archive. Delve ever deeper into this unpredictable new type of PvE activity and return again and again to climb the leaderboards for even greater glory and rewards.

October 30

PC Mac

November 14

Xbox Series X|S Xbox One