Homestead, A Free Game Update

Player Housing

Dozens of homes available with unique architectural styles

Furniture and More

Thousands of items to customize your space

Craft A Home

Brand new crafting system to build furniture as decoration or to sell

House Guests

Invite friends and guildmates over to your home


After a long day of questing, everyone needs a place to unwind.

With dozens of homes available at launch, there's something for everyone in Homestead. To get you started, you can earn your first home free as a unique quest reward.


Be close to Queen Ayrenn with a humble apartment in Skywatch or cozy up to the hearth fire in a grand Nord estate.

With architectural styles inspired by each playable race and dozens of unique abodes varying in size from humble one-bedroom cottages to gigantic aristocratic mansions, you'll find the perfect place to call home. Can't decide which place you like more? You can own them all! Each home is shared across all your characters on your account.


With over 2,000 decorative and other furnishings, you can design the interior of your dreams.

Fill your home with trophies from conquered bosses, luxury items found through in‑game vendors, or browse the Crown Store's Housing Editor for a wide variety of furnishings. You can even craft your own furniture to decorate your home, or sell them to make a nice profit.


Whatever the occasion, share the company of your companions in the comfort of your own home.

Invite your friends over to share tales of Tamriel, prepare for a dungeon run by practicing against Target Skeletons, give decorator permissions to your friends and build something together, or simply sit down and relax in your customized space.

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