One Tamriel, A Free Game Update

Explore Tamriel

Adventure without limits, anywhere, and with anyone


Prove your mettle and challenge friends and strangers to a duel

Weapon Ultimates

New weapon ultimates add ammunition to your arsenal of powers

A New Craglorn

Exciting solo adventures await in a revamped Craglorn


Welcome to One Tamriel, a world of opportunity without restriction!

An unprecedented achievement for an online RPG, One Tamriel removes Alliance restrictions and will automatically level your characters to match the difficulty of the content wherever you are in the world. Travel where you like, whenever you like, with whomever you like regardless of their Alliance or level. Accept any quest, fight any monster, and experience a world of adventure without limits!


Prove your mettle with the all-new dueling system.

Challenge friends, guild-mates, or anyone you meet in the world to a duel anytime, anywhere. Prove your prowess in battle.


Each weapon skill line now has a powerful new ultimate.

Heal your group in the nick of time with a healing staff ultimate or deal a devastating, resistance-reducing blow with a two-handed sword! In One Tamriel, there are now even more ways to hone the perfect play-style.


Craglorn welcomes “lone wolf" heroes to explore its deepest secrets.

Pack your gear and set a course for Craglorn! Rebuilt from the ground up, The Elder Scrolls Online's first adventure zone is the perfect place for solo adventurers and small groups to embark on hours of story quests and obtain valuable loot.


Celebrate the high holidays of Tamriel with our new Event System.

Become a creature of the night during October's Witches Festival, enjoy a fresh start to a new year with the New Life Festival revels, and much more. Each in-game event features new costumes, masks, player activities, and other special items associated with the holiday.

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