The Murkmire DLC Game Pack

Included with an active ESO Plus Membership or available for purchase for 2000 crowns in the in-game Crown Store.

Brave the Forbidding Black Marsh

Wade into the perilous bogs and mossy ruins of the Argonian homeland and explore a strange land

Learn the Secrets of the Mysterious Hist

Venture deep into the strange and colorful history of Murkmire to recover a powerful Argonian antiquity

Prove Your Mettle in the Arena

Enter the dreaded Blackrose Prison and face waves of enemies in a battle for treasure and glory

Collect Murkmire’s Hidden Treasures

Acquire unique items, collectibles, and gear from this mysterious and dangerous new world

Explore Murkmire

Delve into the treacherous swamps and jungles of Argonia and discover a hidden world as dangerous as it is beautiful.

Immerse yourself in the unknown cultures of the strange tribes of the deep swamp and explore the world of the Hist in a weird and wonderful new zone that includes new delves, monsters, world bosses, quests, and more. 

Reveal a lost legacy

Uncover the history and ways of the Saxhleel and embark on an adventure into a world hidden from Tamriel for centuries.

Investigate Murkmire's long-forgotten past and help an Imperial scholar recover a mysterious and powerful relic in a new main quest line that takes you deep into Black Marsh, its history, and its people. 

New Arena: Blackrose Prison

Can you and your allies survive Drakeeh’s deadly gauntlet? Head to Blackrose Prison, a new 4-player arena, and test your might!

Centuries ago, it was a brutal Imperial penal colony, but now, the famous Blackrose Prison is controlled by the very descendants of the monsters it once imprisoned. Prove your worth in this new arena and earn powerful new gear, including exclusive Blackrose weapons not found anywhere else in Tamriel!

New & Powerful Items

The unexplored regions of Black Marsh are filled with lost treasures, ready to be uncovered by an intrepid explorer.

Earn all-new and powerful items sets, unique collectables, and all the honor and glory that comes with the exploration of a mysterious new world. Few expeditions ever return, but untold riches await those brave adventurers willing to venture into Murkmire.

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Included with an active ESO Plus Membership or available for purchase for 2000 crowns in the in-game Crown Store.