The Season of the Dragon begins here! This epic, year-long adventure takes you into the heart of Elsweyr and beyond, and it all starts with two exciting new dungeons to challenge you and your group: Frostvault and the Depths of Malatar! Explore hazardous ruins, face deadly guardians, and claim both halves of the powerful and mysterious Wrathstone!

Wrathstone DLC Game Pack

Included with an active ESO Plus Membership or available for purchase for 1500 crowns in the in-game Crown Store.

Uncover the Secret of Malatar

Explore the forgotten halls of an ancient Ayleid ruin and uncover the fate of a long-lost Imperial expedition in Depths of Malatar.

Venture Beneath the Ice

Seek treasure buried beneath an ancient glacier in Frostvault, but beware! More than just Dwarven automatons defend Mhuvnak!

Uncover Lost Treasure

Claim untold rewards, including powerful new gear, unique collectibles, challenging Achievements, and mysterious relics.

Begin an Epic Adventure

Take the first step on a journey that leads you directly into the The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr and continues throughout the entire year. Your next big adventure starts now!


The intrepid treasure hunter Tharayya needs your help to explore an ancient Dwemer complex, once frozen shut for eons, to find a mythical artifact.

The lost Vault of Mhuvnak might be accessible to explorers, but this dangerous complex is already home to a fearsome goblin tribe and endless Dwemer automatons. Steel yourselves, for whatever is buried within the Frostvault will not be relinquished without a fight.


Discover the terrible fate of a long-lost Imperial expedition and delve deep into the heart of a sunken Aleyid ruin and the secrets it protects.

This is not the first time the doors to the cursed keep of Malatar have opened. If you wish to avoid your predecessors’ fate, you must overcome monstrous defenders and powerful Daedric agents to claim its ancient knowledge for yourself!

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Included with an active ESO Plus Membership or available for purchase for 1500 crowns in the in-game Crown Store.